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IT Department Leasing

Your business is growing, your single desktop has grown into a local area network. You need to get your website to talk to your databases and you want to be able to access your office computer from home.

You can't deny it any longer, you need an IT department! But full time IT professionals command salaries of $50,000.00 plus benefits at a bare minimum.

That's where we come in!

You can lease our Geeks on a subscription basis for as little as $199 a month! That means we will make sure your network is always updated, your anti-virus is up-to-date and properly configured and downtime will be just a bad memory.

Not only that, but your staff will be able to call us to answer basic technology questions that seem to rise every day.

Need to know how to format that proposal in Microsoft Word?

Call our Geeks!

Not sure about an email attachment?

Call our Geeks!

Need some one to watch your kids?

Call your Mother-In-Law!

Plans include:

  1. Remote Support for every machine on your network (we can log in and take over the errant machine and make the repairs from our office while you watch!)
  2. 24x7x365 online support through our online ticketing system
  3. Unlimited Phone Support during regular business hours
  4. Support for most major office suites
  5. Support for Internet and Email issues
  6. Installation and configuration of operating systems, anti-virus, and security suites
  7. Detection and removal of spyware, viruses and registry errors.
  8. Maintenance of your User accounts, help in setting up new hires and removing departing employees